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    There is much to discover in the field of tension between heaven and earth. Light, shadow and darkness are but a temporary status of our individual observation of it.

     The endless arena that comprises this intermediate zone is populated with ever-present primeval elements such as light, air and water. The play of sun and clouds is the chaos that maintains order between heaven and earth.

     While heaven is the same for everyone, it is viewed differently by all. And while there is but one earth, we each see a different horizon.

     At the very most man is only a visitor, now on land, then again on water, often on high mountain summits. Birds are privileged visitors because they can move freely in this no man's land.

     An aeroplane is nothing more than a useful expedient allowing us, however briefly, to feel as free as a bird, far above our fellow men, up with or above the clouds.

     As an artist I’m involved as a witness to this spectacle, and the excitement it releases is the driving force behind my work.